Everardo and Jessica

In the early 90’s Everardo Macias (co-owner) owned a restaurant named El Ponchado, that did not do well, unfortunately leading him to close shop. After seeing how devastated he was, when he decided to open up a second restaurant Jessica Perjes (co-owner) vowed to never allow her father to feel defeated again which is why she decided partner up with him. Fast forward to 2018, Tacotlán was born in the same location El Ponchado was once in! It first started off as a regular taqueria, until the pandemic hit in 2020. The father and daughter duo had to be creative to survive. Already introduced to their restaurant in 2019, they decided to bring the Quesabirrias back once again as a special for the weekends only. They started to sell out over and over and over again. Now it is the top-seller of the restaurant. Having been featured on the Chicago’s Tribune, Chicago’s Best, and TimeOut Chicago! Both Everardo and Jessica plan to continue growing Tacotlan as much as possible to leave behind a legacy for their families. Stay tuned for their upcoming projects!